Temporary, FTC and Staff Augmentation

As well as Permanent & FTC (fixed term contract) roles Brimstone Consulting can support Temporary staffing and staff Augmentation solutions.

Depending on various conditions being met staff may need to be employed either inside IR35 or outside IR35 (in the UK) and are usually priced on a day rate or hourly rate when they are placed in temporary or augmented solutions. In a FTC solution fees are based on a pro rata rate for the time period 3m, 6m, 12m etc.

Domestic and Overseas considerations

Our PI, PL and EL insurances cover us globally and we can work to advise where there may be a need to employ a person under a payment vehicle that meets a particular overseas territory.  Brimstone consultancy can accommodate staff under Umbrella Solutions, Ltd Companies and overseas payment vehicle solutions that comply with the local taxation or employment laws where required.  

We can also advise our clients to ensure they don’t fall foul of hiring overseas contractors working too long under UK payment vehicles and have to pay tax retrospective taxes or inadvertently break an overseas destinations employment laws.

Our Partners

We have several partner options where we pay a payroll service provider to provide online timesheet portals and to supply extensive credit to firms based on their credit score initially and payment record as we build a relationship.  This allows us to also pay your contracted staff weekly but bill you monthly to improve your cash flow.