Contingency Staffing

Brimstone Consulting do also provide Contingency recruitment services i.e. we are only paid contingent on supplying the successful candidate. 

Why use external support? This may be a question asked internally, and why not just advertise or have managers do the hiring process.  However recruitment can be a very time consuming and intensive process. There is the managers time, human resources time, advertising costs, Sifting applications (most unsuitable) and contacting to maintain a good company brand reputation, passive searches, interviews, objectively discussing the firm and candidates aspirations, negotiating offers and more…

Recruitment is one of the more complicated sales processes as you have two sales; product to client and client to product and you have to also define and source the bespoke product (candidate) first.

Potential steps in a recruitment process:


Advertise and the right person will apply.  However the right person almost never does apply and a lot of wrong people do apply and call, very time consuming to manage them all to ensure you maintain your brand reputation regarding how you treat people; you have also paid for an advert that is likely useless.

Candidate Search

Move onto searching for the right candidate. However that is really time consuming, and therefore expensive, requires a good understanding of the skills required and once you find suitable people a high percentage of them aren’t looking or interested in your vacancy.


You find someone who is a fit and they are persuaded that the role/company are of interest.  Format a CV for Managers (pre-interviewing them to find out they do have other useful skills that aren’t on their CV and they have to be added in), go back and forth arranging interviews. handle objectiosn from both sides re skills, team, experience, location, salary, aspirations etc.

Manage Interviews

Arrange Interviews 1st, 2nd maybe 3rd and 4th interviews, again handle objections.  Even if an offer is made you have to deal with potential other offers from competitors, maybe a counter offer from their current employer.

Keep in Touch

You navigate the counter-offers and they are scheduled to start; oh no, a personal matter occurs or worse an illness, a bereavement, they are hit by a bus or any other number of things can still can stop the person starting and you don’t have a reserve person.

Managing Post Start

They start, great, now you have to hope that the role is what they expected, was it oversold, is the environment as expected this is an important bedding in time if handled badly by the Manager/Company 2-3 months later they are handing in their notice and you are back hiring.

So even skipping a lot of things in the process recruiting is not as straight forward as it seems, it is very time consuming, involves balancing a lot of expectations on both sides (often best managed through an independent intermediary rather than having the friction of direct negotiation) and has pitfalls throughout and after the process.