Risk & Compliance Services

Brimstone Consulting recruit across most areas of Risk & Compliance (particularly FS related Compliance). Below is more information related to Risk & Compliance.

What is the Difference between Compliance and Risk:

The most obvious difference between compliance and risk management lies in their current position and end goals. The end goal of compliance is to ensure all existing rules and regulations are followed, a potential risk may be future Regulations & Compliance.

The goal of risk management:

is to make sure there is the resources, money or insurance in place to account for every risk a company could face which are extensive and business wide: 

  1. Strategic Risk
  2. Compliance Risk
  3. Operational Risk
  4. Financial Risk
  5. Reputational Risk

If you are interested in some Risk Compliance certifications and career ideas visit:

Institute of Risk Management (IRM)

Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA)