Fraud Risk & Investigation Services

There is a large cross-over in this overview. If you are interested in more detail about what is categorised as fraud, the ‘Risk Management Cycle’ or detection and prevention of fraud etc. there is a link at the bottom of the page with detailed information on each topic.

Banking & Finance (Wealth Management) Fraud jobs

  • Financial Crime Investigators 
  • Fraud Analysts 
  • Anti-money laundering (AML), PEP, Sanctions Officers 
  • Fraud Managers 
  • Head of Fraud Prevention  

Online Gaming

  • Fraud Analyst
  • Bi-lingual Fraud Specialists
  • Compliance Manager
  • AML Investigator
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Head of Fraud and Payments

Online Payments Fraud vacancies

  • Fraud Analysts 
  • Fraud and Risk Manager 
  • Investigator 
  • Head of AML 
  • Fraud Analyst Team Manager 
  • Information Security Consultants 

Advisory Fraud jobs (not exhaustive)

  • Forensic Accounting and Forensic Audit 
  • Insolvency practitioners with financial crime experience 
  • Financial investigators 
  • Risk Management professionals 
  • Legal professionals 
  • IT/Computer and telecommunication forensic practitioners Digital Forensics, Cyber, Incident Response, Information Security
  • Economic crime investigation professionals 

Insurance Sector Fraud jobs

  • Fraudulent Claims Handlers 
  • Field Investigators 
  • Fraud Investigators 
  • Property and Casualty Claims Investigators 
  • Claims Technicians 

Retail and eCommerce Fraud vacancies

  • Loss Prevention Managers 
  • Loss Prevention Officer 
  • Internal Auditors 
  • Fraud Specialists 
  • Compliance Managers 
  • AML Investigator 
  • Head of Fraud 

Charities Fraud jobs

  • Loss Prevention Managers 
  • Internal Auditors 
  • Fraud Specialists 
  • Compliance Managers 
  • AML Investigator 

Government, Public sector & NHS Fraud jobs

  • Benefit Fraud Investigators (PINS accredited) 
  • NHS Local Counter Fraud Specialists (LCFS) 
  • Housing Fraud & Tenancy Investigations Officers 
  • Council Tax Investigators 
  • Physical and Information Security Professionals 
  • Internal Auditors 
  • Head of Fraud Prevention