Advisory & Consultancy Services

Brimstone Consulting recruit across a very large and diverse mix of Advisory and Consultancy disciplines.

Below is more information related to the Advisory & Consultancy services.

Your first question may be: What is the difference between Advisory vs. Consultancy? What do we need?

The difference between advisory services and consulting services isn’t always easy to see. Let’s discuss the differences between the two and the profile that is suited to each.

A consultant typically solves a specific and granular problem/s for clients that result in substantial impact/change to remedy the issues. On the other hand, an advisor often has a longer-term involvement with the client, and depending on the expertise of the advisor, may be involved in a broader range of issues across the business. When thinking about advisory vs. consulting and discussing the differences, let’s start with the profession of consulting.


Role and Nature of Work
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Role and Nature of Work
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CONCLUSION: Advisory vs Consulting

Consulting vs advisory isn’t a battle, as they’re two distinct service offerings. If you’re a young professional, focused on a career in consulting for the interesting project-based work and meaningful exit opportunities. Work with our expert team to find interesting career opportunities.

What do you need? 

As an advisory firm you will already know your clients requirements but for C&I you hopefully now see it very much depends on the length, breath and end goal of the work you have in mind for your business.