Client Information

Experience Counts

The consultants at Brimstone Consulting have over ten years of experience working with leading UK and overseas companies to secure the best talent available.  We have developed extensive networks and large databases to give you access to the top talent in the UK and overseas giving you a gloabl solution.  We proactively approach candidates and often already know candidates with the skills your require many senior candidates have exlusively made us aware they are looking at opportunites.

Dedicated Account Managers

You will have one main point of contact regardless of the sector the role falls under who will act as your Account Manager.  They will gain a complete understanding of how you prefer to work, your company procedures, the culture and team fit required to suit your business.  Account Managers will be equity holders in our business so you are assured that you don't dedicate time only to find the person leaves soon after; we realise this is a constant frustration businesses suffer.

Preferred Supplier Lists- "No Improvements Without Change"

We realise many new clients will have preferred supplier lists in place and established relationships however in line with our tag line there are never any improvements without change and the number of PSL's we are on is consistently growing.  Clients who have opted to try us soon find us to be a dedicated supplier they come to rely upon.  We often gain access to new preferred supplier lists when the existing suppliers fail to supply in time or by failing to meet the "Key Matching Criteria" as we consistently have managed to supply on what have to be considered your hardest roles.

Our Specialisations

Our specialisations are inter-related giving us a unique holistic view and ability to support your business.  We recruit for Permanent, Interim and Temporary jobs / vacancies in:

  • Risk 
  • Fraud 
  • Compliance/Corporate Governance 
  • Accountancy and Audit
  • Digital Forensics and e-Discovery
  • IT Security/Cyber and Information Security (InfoSec)
  • Payments / eCommerce
  • Information Technology (I.T)
  • Big Data & Data Analytics

Delivering projects from short-term changes to long-term strategies

Effective and measurable results while maintaining the best ROI for our clients; a complete solution for your human capital requirements; access to a deep, comprehensive and highly relevant pool of talented professionals.
We offer a genuine choice about your route to candidate markets- Advertising, Talent Pooling, Contingency or Search.

Our flexible range of recruitment services include advertising, contingency permanent recruitment, search & selection, interim and temporary staffing, utilising our extensive talent database. You can minimise hiring costs and take the risk out of finding exactly the right skills that your business and industry demand.  We have both a vertical skill set and horizontal sector specific knowledge.

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