IT Skills Brimstone Recruit for

Outline of types of IT staff we supply:


We are not going to compare Waterfall v Agile the purpose of the diagram is to demonstrate that re staffing requirements there is no real difference to the skills that will be required only when they will be required.

Geek Humour: There are only 10 types of people in the world those who understand binary and those who don’t.


   Basic staffing within SDLC:

•    Business Analysts
•    Programme and Project Managers
•    Systems Analysts
•    Technical Architects
•    Software & Systems Developers/Coders/Engineers- front and back end (too many languages to list)

The professions of front and back end share certain skills because some of their duties are related – Front End Engineers work on the client facing part of the website or software and Back End Engineers work on the server function of the technology. However, since these jobs perform different tasks, varying specializations also appear among the most commonly advertised skills, tools, and technologies. 
As you can see below, some skills are the same in each list, just ranking in different spots. Graphical User Interface Design (UI), Website Development, and HTML5 only appear among the most in-demand skills, tools, and technologies for Front End Engineers. Extensible Markup Language (XML), Linux, and Quality Assurance are unique to Back End Engineers.

Most Commonly Advertised Skills, Tools, and Technologies for 2013:

Front End Engineers Back End Engineers

1.   JavaScript (JS)

2.   Cascading Style Sheets

3.   Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

4.   Java

5.   jQuery

6.   Software Development

7.   Graphical User Interface Design (UI)

8.   Website Development

9.   HTML5

10.  Structured Query Language (SQL)

1.   Java

2.   JavaScript (JS)

3.   Software Development

4.   Structured Query Language (SQL)

5.   Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

6.   Cascading Style Sheets

7.   Extensible Markup Language (XML)

8.   Linux

9.   jQuery

10.  Quality Assurance

Although not in the top 10 most advertised lists for 2013 other popular languages are: C, C++, C#. Perl, Python, Ruby, Go…

•    Software Testers (again to many to list):

o    Defect testing the failed scenarios, including defect tracking
o    Path testing
o    Data set testing
o    Unit testing
o    System testing
o    Integration testing
o    Black-box testing
o    White-box testing
o    Regression testing
o    Automation testing
o    User acceptance testing
o    Software performance testing

•    IT Support

o    1st, 2nd and 3rd Line Support
o    Specialist support
o    Client management

   Niche and Support IT Staffing:

•    IT Security/Cyber 
•    Information Security
•    Digital Forensics and e-Discovery
•    DBA and DB Developers
•    Data Analytics 
•    Networking/Infrastructure staff